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Soyuzmultcafe COSMO

We have developed design concept, design project, offer for franchise. Total area: 450 sq.m.

SoyuZmultCafe "COSMO"

SoyuZmultCafe "COSMO"
Concept and design "Art People Group" division "KIDS"
On September 7, 2022, we presented the SM franchise company, which will be engaged in the development of projects in HoReCa under the SoyuZmultKafe brand from the Soyuzmultfilm film company.

ArtPeopleKids has developed a concept design for family cafes based on well-known Russian cartoons. The bright and emotional concept of "Cosmos" is based on the Soviet cartoon The Mystery of the Third Planet and the modern animated series Krutiksy.The more restrained and premium concept of "Jungle" is based on the full-length Soviet cartoon Mowgli and the modern series Zebra in a cage.The basis of the third concept "Prostokvashino village" was formed by everyone's favorite animated series based on the series of Soviet cartoons "Three of Prostokvashino". This concept has already been implemented through the joint efforts of ArtPeopleKids and SMF, in the SoyuZmultCafe opened in February this year at the SoyuZmultPark Multimedia Center on Ak Bars in Kazan and found universal recognition among both children's and adult audiences.

In the next 5 years, we plan to open up to 100 Union Cartoon Cafes, 6 multimedia parks, and several dozen animation schools and children's entertainment centers on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries.

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SoyuZmultCafe "COSMO"

We developed this project of a children's cafe in the style of the cartoon "The Secret of the Third Planet" for Soyuzmultfilm.The concept of the themed cafe is called "SoyuZmultCafe "COSMO".This cafe will be available under a franchise from Soyuzmultfilm.

The features of this format are robotization. Work will be literally everywhere. It will be possible to communicate with them.A robot waiter and an ice cream maker robot will work here.

For SoyuZmult Cafe "COSMOS" we made:
- design concept
- unique design project
- franchise offer

Total area: 450 m2
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Scope of works on opening kid's restaurant with activity zones
Concept creation
Ideological & Operational project development. Type definition, object ranking, main settings and characteristics, capacity and peak passability for better commercial operation. Technological solutions to determine and dispose general areas (with reference to layouts and measurements), indoor customer's and staff routes with non-intersections, compliance with the rules, requests, standards for specific type of objects.
- Naming
- Corporate identity development and brand book
- Ads and marketing campaign activities
- Marketing support after launch of the project
Project and design development
- Architectural and planning concepts
- Preliminary design
- Project design
- Working draft (Architectural solutions, Project documentation)
- Design of engineering systems
Project fulfillment
- Construction and installation works
- Technological support
- Designer's supervision
- Project equipping
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